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Custom Bins by Decade Products are engineered and manufactured to fit your business need. If you have a question about our capabilities or would like one of our representatives to help you design your custom bin feel free to contact us.

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Decade Products
3710 Sysco Court SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512 U.S.A.


877-999-6229 (Toll-free in U.S.)

Custom Bins Just Got Easier.

Custom Bins by Decade Products

Your Business has needs that are unique in their own special way. That's why Custom Bins by Decade Products are built to YOUR specifications. Custom Bins can be heightened or shortened. You can change the length or the width to meet your needs. Custom Bins have a variety of options available from lids and latches, to drains and custom colors. Need more than one custom option on a single bin? Decade can often combine several custom options to fit our special application. If you can't find the options or accessories you need, contact us and we will do our best to suit your needs. Your job just got easier because Custom Bins got easier.


5 Steps to Bin Bliss

  1. Select what type of bin you'd like to customize and set the dimensions.

  2. Select from a standard color for your bin or send in a custom one.

  3. Add options such as lids, drains, latches and doors to your Custom Bin.

  4. Submit your bin configuration and contact information to Decade Products.

  5. Receive a quote for your Custom Bin from Decade Products.

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